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Smashing the competition creams, LuminesQue Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer is a huge hit with testers and buying customers alike. People have reported that it improves the tone of their skin, softens fine lines, and even added firmness to their skin. Anybody looking for a multi correction lift anti-gravity moisturizer needs not look any further. Laboratory analysis tests have shown that Luminesque was the top skin cream at not only improving texture, but it also ranked best at diminishing spots. Women found that Luminesque skin cream matched or outranked every single skin care product on the market designed to reduce fine lines.

Ready for sheer amazement? After the numbers had been crunched and the data was tallied, LuminesQue skin cream emerged as not only the first-place moisturizer and skin softener, but also the numero uno wrinkle and line reducer overall. In the lab tests, it won first spot at firming — at both the six hour mark, and after eight weeks — all while improving hydration and skin tone. Other test results proved that it was more than effective at the improvement of UV spots, while the testers gave it top points for wrinkle reduction, they also applauded LuminesQue face complex for its lightweight texture, easy absorption and allergy friendly lack of odor.

All in all, LuminesQue anti-ageing skin cream has won the hearts and minds of customers everywhere not just because of its incredible hydration, line reducing and spot removing qualities, but also its nongreasy, fast-absorbing formula. However, dermatologists do recommend that if dark circles are also a concern, you should invest in an eye serum product such as LuminesQue Eye Serum.

  • "Hands down it is the best wrinkle cream I have ever tried!"
  • - Jenny // Los Angeles, California - USA

  • "I like it that my skin looks brighter and it even feels firmer."
  • - Bertha // Toronto, Ontario - Canada

  • "Until I tried luminesQue skin cream, I was doubtful that these creams would even work as advertised. My skin looks YEARS younger — it is way more firm and has far less visible wrinkles."
  • - Alexandra // New York, USA

    LuminesQue My Eyes!

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    Eye Serum

    LuminesQue Eye Serum delivered incredible youth-boosting results. This amazing age-reducing product nabbed the honor medal of best wrinkle-fighter, LuminesQue serum reduced lines by an unheard of 59% in laboratory tests. Testers and hard data also ranked it the #1 eye serum product for de-puffing and removal of dark circles. For amazingly radient and youthful eyes, luminesque serum is second to none, it is a moisturizing powerhouse — and the only eye serum on the market to score so high in the lab for minimizing pores, reducing brown spots, and even improving texture.

    Scientists were dumbfounded that LuminesQue also increased the skins firmness by a jaw dropping and impressive 28% after just two months, an unexpected effect that did not go unnoticed by the panelists, and absolutely thrilled product testers.

  • "It made my eyes look considerably brighter and way less puffy"
  • - Anna // Dallas, Texas - USA

  • "After a three or four weeks, you definitely could see a big difference; the fine lines were all disappearing, and my skin was firmed up tight. Thanks LuminesQue!"
  • - Patricia // Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

  • "I Love, love, LOVE this eye serum. I can see a massive difference after using this product for only a month! My fine lines and ugly crow's feet have almost dissapeared!"
  • - Barbara // Calgary, Alberta - Canada

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